Teaching Ministry

The Sunday School Department is an arm of the Directorate of Christian Education within the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG). As a parish of RCCG, City of Praise lay strong emphasis on Sunday School, and it is seen as a very crucial and foundation department within the church. It is an avenue to promote not only the spiritual growth of the individual member but also that of the entire church.

Essentially, the Sunday School serves as a forum through which the truth about the undiluted word of God is taught, discussed expantiated and digested with the sole aim of building a strong foundation for the students. It provides an avenue for building committed and dedicated individuals who are regarded as soldiers for Christ.  Through the Sunday school, the students are taught and helped to acquire more knowledge and understanding about God and His word through the help of the Holy Spirit; and this ultimately help them to discover the treasures that are hidden in the word of God. 2 Tim. 2:15, Joshua 1:8.

The main objective of the Sunday school is to raise an end time army of people who are well rooted and grounded in biblical doctrines and teachings of the word of truth. It also aims at raising believers who are prepared to carry the banner of Christ through holy living in this generation. Various topics of interest, particularly topics on biblical doctrines are taught at the Sunday school. One of the benefits of the Sunday school is that students have the singular opportunity of asking questions, sharing their experience and making their own contributions during the teaching sessions. This is an opportunity that is not available during regular Sunday service.

At present, we hold Sunday school classes every Sunday from 10.15- 11am, and we currently run three classes as follows: Joshua class, Caleb class and the Youth/Teenagers class; and there are five teachers who helps in running these classes. The teachers meet every Tuesday from 11am - 1pm to conduct a review of the different topics to be taught prior to the teaching in the class. We have materials such as the teacher’s manual, students manual and the workbook which consists of weekly assignments to be completed by the students. The materials are globally used by all RCCG parishes worldwide and are provided by the church. These are purchased with a token amount by the students. These materials are very useful in aiding the learning process by both the teachers and the students.

Finally, Sunday School Department would like to use this forum to encourage every member of the church to belong to the Sunday School through regular attendance and active participation in the teaching sessions and the various class activities.

Thank you and God bless.

Sunday School Co-ordinator.