About us

The Redeemed Christian Church of God- City of Praise

started in January, 2006 with a mandate to achieve the following among many others:
Transform lives through inspiring Bible-based spiritual messages; and soul lifting gospel music.
Relieve poverty by lending help and providing information relevant to employment
Training and re-training; partnering with like minded organisations and charities to reduce hardship especially in relation to hunger and homelessness.
Take the youth off the streets (drop knifes & guns to pick the Bible)
Reduce binge drinking, drug addiction and teenage pregnancy through inspiring and Bible based messages
We provide training/resources that encourage academic, spiritual and social development
Encourage excellence among youth and teenagers through pastoral guidance and support
Encourage and support the vulnerable members of the community
Raise God-fearing children through effective Sunday School system
Pray for national and community leaders and encourage our members on their civic rights and responsibilities
Partnering and supporting other like-minded organizations within the community to advance the course of humanity
Encouraging and developing good and effective parenting skills
We are duly registered with the Charity Commission and work closely with Walkden & District Churches Together.!

Our Team